Creative Commons Music Resources

25 04 2012

Project 6: Critical Conversations

16 04 2012

For the final project create a 5 minute piece (can be comprised of 3 shorter 1 1/2 minute scenes) that focuses on conversations between two people. The script can be adapted from existing material.

Focus on the camera work – using the establishing shot, Two Up, Over the Shoulder (OTS), and close ups for framing.

Use good lighting technique.

Due date: May 9th

Turn in script, storyboard as well as final movie in web format (YouTube or Vimeo format).

Project 5: Landscape (Promo)

2 04 2012

Create a 1 – 2 minute video based on the landscape photos you took during the photography section of the class (or other location of your choice). Due date: April 16, 2012

  • Video should be promotional, as for a tourism client
  • Project is to be executed in Adobe Premiere Pro, but you may include After Effects files
  • Output may be HD, SD or web video.
  • Include:
    • Audio
    • Titles
    • Transitions
    • Storyboard

Storyboard form:


or for web:


Scriptwriting and formatting

26 03 2012

Here are some basics for standard formatting of storyboards and scripts:

A good synopsis:

Script directions that deal with camera functions:

Some sample scripts of different types:

Sample storyboard to download:


Free for a little longer:

Script Sources

26 03 2012

Thinking ahead to Project Six which will require some dialogue and a script, here are some sources for you to look at:

You may also adapt dialogue from novels or other sources.

Canon XL H1A Manual

21 03 2012



More tutorials and asset sources

5 03 2012


Here are some additional tutorials that may spark your creativity:

And a few example shorts made in AE:


Here are some resources for audio:

NOTE: if you’re going to add sound, a .wav or .aiff format is preferable. Compressed video such as an .mp3 file doesn’t get the best results and may hang you up.

JCCC has a subscription to Killer Tracks, which is royalty-free music that you can add to your project. It’s a bit fancier than some of the free stuff you get online, so definitely worth checking out:

NOTE: it takes a while to get your email verified and access, so plan ahead if you need this.

Vimeo has a new Vimeo Music Store which might be useful. Many of the downloads are royalty free and free under Creative Commons licenses. If you aren’t familiar with that check out