Project 2: Location, location, location

1 02 2012

Project 2: Location, location, location

Assignment: Photograph an outdoor location, using natural light. The location can be urban or rural. You may have people in the shot, but they should not be the “subject” of the shot. The scale of the shot should be landscape, so no close ups shots of flowers and butterflies, etc. Due February 13.

  •  This is a good opportunity to scout your shot for the video project.
  • Be aware of the light at different times of day and your camera’s angle or location relative to the subject. Is the light behind you, to the side, etc.
  • You will produce two different final photographs – a color photo and a second photo – you can choose from the following:
  • Panorama (stitched photos)
  • Black & White (shoot with b&w composition in mind, don’t just desaturate your color photo)
  • Night shot
  • HDR

(You are expected to do Photoshop work on each of the alternate photos as well to make adjustments to color, contrast, correct image errors, etc.)

Turn in the original photo, the .psd file(s), and the final .jpg files.



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