Photo Composition

1 02 2012

Three basic keys to composition in landscapes:

1. Rule of thirds – divide the frame into thirds horizontally and/or vertically. Placing focal items on these points creates interest.

2. Consider foreground/midground/background – having something of interest at each level makes for a photograph that leads the eye back through space and gives a sense of depth.

3. Use diagonals… watch for lines that draw the eye through the photo.

4. Camera angle/perspective – where is the horizon line, tilt the camera, shoot through breaks in foliage, leaves, etc. Get low – we’re all used to seeing the world at eye level.

5. Contrast and framing – look for strong shadow patterns and darks and lights, frame your picture with trees, structures, plants, etc that frame the scene, sometimes literally as through a doorway or glassless window.

6. Color – place high contrast or brighter colors strategically, i.e., in a sea of green fields, even the distant small red barn will draw the eye to it.

Tips with pictures:



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