Product as Hero

19 01 2012

As you gather your samples for the product discussion on Tuesday, you’ll probably notice lots of them feature the product as “hero”. These are usually shots that are made from slightly below horizontal, giving the product a grander scale. Hero products are often shot on a bare or minimal space. The depth of field (focal length) is often so that the product is clearly in focus, but surrounding or background objects are blurred to the point of being undefined. Another technique is often with the “halo” – lighting the product so that it has a “heavenly” glow about it. I’ve also seen a few variations on this… the “light emitting” product… usually from an opened box, and what I’d call the laser or sparkle lighting effect where there is an exaggerated light bounce or sparkle on the product.

Take note of the angle, lighting and scale of the product when critically viewing these product shots.



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