Lifestyle Product

19 01 2012

The other type of product shot we can discuss is the “lifestyle” shot. Usually this includes a person or persons using the product and showing just how wonderful life is now that they have it. This is a very powerful technique in that it hooks into the emotions far more than a simple product shot. Envy and jealousy are pretty powerful… “I want that, I want to be like that…”

The other common type of lifestyle shot is more of utility – how is the product used. Seeing its functionality in action. So, it may be that you see a sports car zooming down a windy mountain road, or the Ikea wooden bowl is loaded up with a zesty salad or luscious, juicy fruit. We often see packaging placed next to the product itself – a coke can sitting beside an icy, dewy glassful of it.

Magazine ads more often show lifestyle shots, catalogues tend to show isolated hero shots.



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